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Carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining any building…

When it comes to carpets, you have two concerns: cleanliness and preservation. Of course, you want your carpet to look as fresh as possible. But you also want to get the most out of them before you replace them. High-traffic areas may quickly look worn and dirty, creating the perception your whole building is run down. And that’s the last impression you want to make.

Wallace Services will create a unique plan to ensure that your carpeting is protected from dirt and preserved for as long as use it. First, we’ll evaluate your building to locate high-traffic areas, spillage spots, or any sections needing immediate assistance. Next, we will work with you to create a custom maintenance program—including a recommended cleaning schedule. We plan for interim carpet cleanings, deep cleanings, and regular carpet cleanings of high traffic areas.

And now, we’re excited to offer Green Carpet Cleaning. Our new process will keep your spaces beautiful with minimal impact on the environment as compared to traditional cleaning methods and products.

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